On the occasion of the opening of the innovative Social Carnival in Termini Imerese, we had the opportunity to interview Emanuele Caruana, who is president of the “Società del Carnovale” for the third consecutive year. Together with Nando Cimino, Emanuele is one of the historians whose goal is to pass on to future generations the ancient tradition of the Termini’s Carnival. Emanuele and the members have been working for years to coordinate fashion shows and floats, with great passion and professionalism. This year, however, because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, an innovative edition to enjoy the Carnival in an alternative way was born, via social media. The program, from 7 to 15 February, includes cultural events, video poetry, show cooking and a cartoon entirely dedicated to traditional masks from Termini: U’ Nannu ca’ Nanna!


The Carnival of Termini Imerese becomes digital. Despite the pandemic and the situation in which we find ourselves, we do not want to give up carnival, but on the contrary, we want to try to bring it into homes through the internet. Tell us a bit about this new format.


We have had to make virtue of necessity and try to make use in a positive and proactive way of what modern technologies offer us. The pandemic has deprived us of the Carnival in the streets;and we thought of bringing it into everyone’s homes through social media, by doing an operation that, in addition to keeping alive a tradition could also become a vehicle for promoting this our ancient festival, with a view to its next relaunch.


Internet is now available to everyone. And undoubtedly it could be a means of revival for the Carnival of Termini, especially for the years to come. Could it be an opportunity to make it known outside the region and why not, maybe even abroad and also involve the emigrants from Termini?


Certainly the internet offers us great opportunities; but beyond that it is clear that the virtual must also correspond to the real… therefore, who after meeting our Carnival through Social will come to see it live in our city must be in front of an event that is up to expectations; and to do so, we also need an economic commitment and a political vision of the event, beyond the people and their availability. As for our emigrants I can tell you that even today in Canada and the United States, the children and grandchildren of our fellow citizens emigrated in the forties, continue to celebrate the carnival and certainly, In this direction, the idea of this Social Carnival is getting great consensus


In recent years the Carnival Termitano has not reached the same “splendor” of the editions of previous decades, especially because of the economic situation  of the territory. Do you believe that the enhancement of local traditions and culture, including Carnival, can bring economic benefits? What advice do you want to give to young people?



All I can say to young people is to engage and love this city so rich in history, culture and traditions; and the Carnival, also in this sense, is an opportunity that economically can have its positive effects.